Why invest in an experience design service?

For your next event or venue activity an experience designer may be the missing link.

1. build local or cultural identity

2. increase brand awareness

3. meaningfully entertain

4. gather momentum at a social event

5. design the site layout

6. identify how an audience might use a space

7. progress an audience through spaces

8. engage a team more deeply

9. Examine the potential for a new concept to flourish as an annual event

10. associate a quality experience to your brand

11. create an integrated, loved and talked about unique experience that directly reflects the qualities your organisation stands for.

The reason you invest into an event might be to ensure the longevity of your audience or customers' relation to you or your space. And when this is achieved - when your event purpose is delivered - these experiences are talked about before during and after your event. And that is where word of mouth is generated, and much more, through a sense of loyalty and identity.

And because you have branded your event, not too overtly but still you have owned it, that loyalty falls to you. This has been achieved because each element is directed to meet your goal of strengthening cultural identity, or people's connection to a place. And those people will be shifted.

Here at Filtered's creative house we live and breath the process of unravelling moments; those that we have created, and those we ourselves experience and hear about. We search out clients ready to take the risk of trying something new, to combine deep marketing strategies inside of their event, who are keen to make a real impact. Is that you? We would love to work with you! So please, call today.

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