//djs & sound

"Where words fail, music speaks"

Hans Christian Anderson - quote maybe???

Sound is the element that completes any event and put
something here about how your create unique sound service.

Filtered Sound is Filtered Events creative sound studio. 
Our DJs have extensive experience in all aspects
of sound design including xxxxxx.

Check out our sound garden pop-up.

// amplify live performances

// provide music in multiple spaces

// install creative backdrops for your dj podium (?) or dance floor

// enjoy music crafted by sound connoisseurs

// pair your music to cuisine at your event



//event DJ

We offer a range of tailored DJ services for any type of event that aims to craft the mood by providing background music at any type of event, from corporate settings to community festivals to weddings. installing art or backdrops that compliment your event or setting any dance floor on fire at your party or wedding.


//sound design

As part of our tailored DJ services we can provide consultancy on sound design ranging from installing art or backdrops for DJ stands or dancefloors, to designing the 'soundscape' of your event such as tailored music lists, creating ambient spaces at your venue, to crafting ambient spaces.

With a collection pushing 60,000 tracks, we cater to all music lovers, including specific genres: 

Funk | Soul | Reggae | World | Dub | Rock 'n' Roll | Blues | RnB | Jazz Standards | '50's & '60's | Classic 80's & 90's | Indy | Rock | Afrobeat | House | Disco | Underground Electronic | Everything in between!



//live performances

We can amplify any live performance or musician and/or backup your live event with intermittent DJ sounds. We can provide all your needs for a live dance floor. etc etc