delivering engagement.

Through our innovative approach to experience led events

Filtered offers consulting to engage your audience deeply

and can partner with suppliers to run your entire event.

With a small team we maintain accountability to your investment

because you liaise directly with the design/production executive, and

services are tailored directly to your customers to deliver your event's one true purpose. 

//activate events, spaces, communities

//facilitate cultural engagement

//achieve lively campaigns.

// specialist experience design, site design & high tech AV design for unique experiences

// all aspects of event management and production

// pop-up services ready to install

Our ideal client is one willing to take a risk to try something different, whether that be a custom build, moving an audience, unique site choice and design, or board membership.

Trading as Filtered Events and Filtered Sound, Filtered Pty Ltd holds public liability to the value of $20 million and various relevant licenses.


//brand experiences

Achieve lively campaigns
promoting loyalty and word of mouth



//unconventional locations

culinary focused experiences

progressive dinners

multi-roomed and multi-locations

dinners moving through

Progressively move guests. From art trails to multicourse degustations moving through your venue let our specialty knowledge drive

decision making and get it right.



//eye-catching aesthetics

Obviously just chucked in a pic off google images, but put in here about corporate



//pairing design to culinary experience

Obviously just chucked in a pic off google images, but put in here about corporate



//multi-roomed and

progressive experience


site specific approach



//integrated marketing

Next level engagement
How does your audience know about your event or launch?
Do they need:
an event memento / gift
a stunning entry to capture their attention
punchy roadside or pedestrian signage
a proposition?



//next level engagement

performance promotions

Collaborate with you to identify your event purpose and goals