aka Marnie Orr isa  maverick translating creative site-specific processes for industry & community, where the purpose of an event, project or business focuses on people, place & identity.


Marnie's speciality is evoking audiences' deep engagement. By identifying clients' purpose for investment in promotions, touchpoints or events, Marnie collaboratively designs experiences both virtual and realspace, that strengthen brand loyalty, cultural identity and place activation. 


As first and foremostly a dancer, Marnie's approach is based on 10 years fulltime research into the dancing body and that body's immediate place - that is, how people existing within context in order to connect.  Marnie is driven to engage groups deeply, together and through cultural activities or creative thinking, driving relationships, connections change in the individual and make a positive difference for the world.


Marnie's research with longterm dance collaborator Dr Rachel Sweeney saw her assist at the frontline with regional communities to address local issues through creative means. She worked with farmers inland of Carnarvon after the devastating floods of 2012, and the Bridgetown community to address the Stay or Go policy following the fires that ravaged houses and farmland in 2010. 
Through such experiences Marnie adapted her findings to event design, production and management as well as promotional strategies for brand launches, events and other touchpoints. The sum of her experience is translated as principles within her and her husband Alex McKee's company, Filtered Pty Ltd. 
Those principles are:
- progression
- immersion
- interaction
The understanding is that context drives meaning. 
When the context is 'en pointe', you can turn casual attendees into raving fans, because everyone wants to be a part of the something special you are offering.

Marnie began her journey with a $30,000 arts grant from Queensland state government to present a multitude of art installations and live performances embedded into the town of Cairns. This included WANTED stickers, creative road signs made and hung by City of Cairns on the roadside signposts, a phone number for clues, a TV news timeslot presenting our performance intersection with Ansett Arrivals travellers. And much more...

With a visually stunning aesthetic Marnie works within a project design and production capacity, as well as offering event elements - starting from concept and custom builds, to installation and management of experiential and interactive spaces. In terms of strategising brand touchpoints, the aim is always loyalty for word of mouth generation. The better the physical experience is the more attendees will talk. This includes touchpoints all the way through from virtual to realspace brand experiences. This type of input Marnie offers is integrated marketing consultation. 

Marnie begins by consulting with clients to establish the true aims or purpose of a client's project investment. 

Her company Filtered has been head hunted for the team's culture building capacity. Working collaboratively with councils, festivals and corporates Marnie is designing live performances, visual sets, themed outdoor lounges, sound environments, deeply interactive kids spaces, photo walls, and entries that make guests feel 100% vested in their experience and therefore the client. 

All Marnie's work is led by the specifics of the site and the project limitations, ensuring stakeholders' needs are met and return on investment for the client. Measuring tools are always expanding. 

Whether Marnie is evoking high-level interactions through progressive moods through event elements, the sense-based story-telling, immersive theatre and embedded dance knowledge always feeds into the knowledge she passes on. 

We service brands and events in Perth down to Margaret River and WA regional brands and events.

Combining specialist knowledge of sound craft and experience design our small multi-talented team includes the skillsets of:

experience designer specialising in site-specific production


event manager

AV designer & tech

specialist DJ


and experiential marketing specialist

Filtered has achieved our clients' purposes of: 

·        cultural development

·        community engagement

·        local identity and place activation

·        new platforms for arts & cultural activities 

·        integrated experiential marketing strategies

Filtered has been headhunted for the team's culture-building capacity. Working predominantly with local 
WA councils and corporates, Filtered is consulting, designing, managing and producing: 
- progressively moving culinary experiences
- engaging social occasions with music, food & beverages.
- live cultural performances, sound environments for galleries and art exhibitions, tailored sound productions, live mixing for professional dance performances
- visual sets and photo opps
- themed outdoor lounges
- immersive kids spaces
- outdoor art walks
- entryways that make guests feel 100% vested in their experience 
- whatever you want to try based on your vision or ours!

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Our creative sound studio, Filtered Sound sets the scene with music, while our Filtered Events services apply our specialist experience design know-how.


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