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Filtered connects brands to their audience through innovative promotions and brand strategies.

We push the boundaries of experience, for both large and small brands and organisations. Our small team ensures only one liaison seeing your whole project through.

Since 2016 Filtered has activated brands and audiences by aligning the look, message and experience of companies with their purpose, to meet key performance indicators.

With 150 clients to date, we have partnered with Perth shires, land managers, place-making organisations, not-for profits, academic departments and small businesses for campaigns, events, special projects and brand strategy services.


Filtered delivers within the following roles:


  • intermediary between web designer and client

  • develop style guide, brand aesthetic

  • amalgamate business concepts

  • gap filler role bettering under-performing investments in brand campaigns


  • artistic direction and management of photo shoots for content

  • tweak networking environs such as the VIP experience for quality interactions

  • align strategy across online platforms and real space experiences

  • consult to teams to re-think projects for place-making and cultural development for maximum immersion
  • design and produce progressive and unique events, galas, community spaces, brand campaigns, entry ways, art lounges, concept spaces, performance stages

  • collaborator on pilot projects where the end goal is not yet clear.


Filtered is a creative leader whose directors have been recognised at the state level for their creative & cultural development achievements in reaching clients' goals. Your success is our success.


Call us today to find out how we can help meet your needs. 

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